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I’d Rather be in Key West

"I'd rather be in Key West" I’ve been to a few places in Florida: Orlando, Destin, Fort Lauderdale, Miami – to name a few… but none of them quite compare to Key West, because Key West doesn’t feel like Florida. It almost feels like you’re in a different country completely…and it’s only 90 miles from […]

Dinner is Served with Home Chef

I jumped on the meal¬†delivery bandwagon! I mean everyone¬†is doing it, so I wanted to see what it was all about and I was really looking forward to our life being that much easier after getting back in town. Why is it that even the most normal things seem so hard after getting back from […]

Create Cultivate SXSW: No Bullshit, Be a Hot Mess.

create cultivate sxsw Happy Sunday! And HAPPY SPRING BREAK, especially to you teachers out there! I think of you every holiday because I once made it half a year teaching….that was fun (aka hardest job I ever had). So I really mean it when I say I hope you enjoy your break! I’m currently (about […]

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