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8 trips, 6 months – A Look Back at Half a Year of Travel

Sam and I have had a super crazy year so far. There’s been a lot of change, almost buying a new house twice, celebrating three years of marriage… and also a lot of adventure. I can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through the year. Here’s a look back at the trips we’ve taken over […]

3 Day Cleanse w/ Squeezed Online & My Food-Relationship Journey

I DID IT AGAIN! I love juice. Below I’m sharing a little more about my experience with Squeezed Online and then down a little further I’m sharing some serious stuff about my food-relationship journey. If you know anyone that this could help please share! Why Squeezed Online This was my second cleanse with Squeezed Online! […]

It seems I’ve lost my mind.

I’ve lost my mind Can we take a minute and laugh at the fact that I seemed to have lost my brain! I mean, really…  We are selling my car back on Monday. My car is a disaster and really needs to be cleaned! Totally normal. Nugget is getting knee surgery on Tuesday. We are […]

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